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Get a free domain name from 3 websites

Get a Free domain name from 3 websites, In fact, buying a paid domain remains the best and the best, which offers many advantages that you will not find in free, even if you search the web world from A to Z, and we all agree that a free domain is only used by the weak in the web world who do not have money or a bank card or even An electronic bank such as PayPal. That is why sites offering free domains have been provided to people who are unable to purchase the paid one. There is a reason why these sites or companies use these cunning ways in which they exploit the vulnerable as we said in the first, and most importantly, I will give you an important and useful lesson for everyone who wants to buy free hosting from one of these sites.

Free domain name sites

Today we will present to you one of the best sites that are most used by novice bloggers in the blogging world (I mean by the best, which means that the domain has been working for a year and which is popular among bloggers), and of course, as it is known that a free domain is not a good thing for bloggers because in fact it only gives an appearance For your site link for a year, I said in the first place to get a free domain for beginners and not professionals, but as advice to followers I do not advise you completely because I will show you what will happen to you afterward and how you will be exploited.

Many beginner bloggers who do not earn money or do not have a bank account, whether external or electronic, cannot buy a paid domain, and that is why they are looking for reliable and honest sites in provide a free domain to get a short link without mentioning the name of the company for the blog and forum, and this is what they do Professionals or those who want to have a professional site buy a paid domain and the name of the site has prestige and value for the viewer, but our topic today is to get a free domain from the three most used sites.

As we mentioned, each site has its own policy and subscription method, but in the end, it is a free domain that can be used every year without problems, but I am known for trust and honesty in speaking, so I will only say what is right about these free domains, in order to obtain this free domain It is not difficult and complicated, there are many true and false sites to provide a domain and use it in your blog, but there are some misfortunes that you may encounter.

Get a free domain name from 3 websites

Consequences of free domains:

Before we proceed to present the three most popular sites that use free and trusted domains on the Internet, we will mention those obstacles that you may be exposed to, and I said maybe it means "yes" or "no", including the appearance of the error page on the page, the page appearing in red as if A virus, especially in the Google Chrome browser, and you will not be accepted in AdSense, and these are some problems.

First, the free domain will not be fully accepted in Adsense because it remains a free domain.

Second, you must pay more than $40 per year, and here you fall into the trap of these companies.

Third, sometimes it is considered a virus in Google Chrome.

What is the trick they use?

- First site:

- Second site: CDot.Cf

- Third site: