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Marketing with whatsapp - How marketers can use WhatsApp

Marketing with WhatsApp - How marketers can use WhatsApp, In the beginning, any business can attract at least a few new customers when there is adequate and appropriate marketing for the target audience. But how do we use WhatsApp for marketing in the first place? Like WhatsApp, it was famous for its brand as “No Ads, No Games, No Tricks.” So how do you, as a marketer, break into this network of millions?

Marketing with whatsapp - How marketers can use WhatsApp

It's like SMS marketing, as it only requires us to collect the phone numbers of customers, and we sign up for the app with a unique phone number.

What companies benefit from WhatsApp in WhatsApp marketing

(WhatsApp) has the potential to benefit any business, but it works extremely well for companies that sell frequently internationally. So if you have an international base of customers, you can potentially grow this niche by interacting with them on WhatsApp.

As of 2017, the largest WhatsApp markets include India, Mexico, Russia, and Brazil. India alone has nearly 200 million users.

How to start marketing on WhatsApp

WhatsApp uses cellular data to send messages between its users, so international charges do not apply as they do for phone calls or text messages. Instead, you can only use an incredibly small amount of cell data to connect with potential customers.

In other words, if your company has a Wi-Fi connection, you can start using WhatsApp to market to international customers directly. Plus, if you already have an SMS marketing plan, you can practically take everything you've created and apply it to WhatsApp.

The big difference between SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing is that WhatsApp is not the mechanism. This means that a real marketer takes real-time to send a marketing blast.

However, if we have written messages, this means that we are required to add all recipients to your messages.

Build your WhatsApp marketing list

Basically, we provide high-quality content for free and then we ask users to submit their contact information. As we not only need to know their phone number or email but we want to know if they are using WhatsApp.

In the event that you got the information you want from customers, then we can modify the special form by writing in a small box the phrase “Contact me on (WhatsApp) instead of SMS” (or something similar) so you can make sure that you want to share (WhatsApp) in your marketing funnel.

Send your marketing messages

Before using (WhatsApp) for marketing, you need to prepare the logistics of how to proceed. Unfortunately, you cannot use an MMS to send a blast to multiple people. However, we can use the broadcast feature in (WhatsApp). Such a feature allows us to send an identical message to 100 or fewer people at a time and does not reveal the recipients to each other.

We can interpret this as giving us the ability to send the same message to many recipients without revealing their contact information. This feature is very important in terms of privacy, and since it's the default setting for WhatsApp, you can be sure that you won't accidentally show someone's phone number to someone else.

Another great benefit of WhatsApp is that you know that someone receiving your message has a smartphone. This means that if you want to include a link to supplemental material, you can be sure that your subscribers will have access to it. So, if you wish, you can use the same messages from your SMS strategy and include links that can better engage recipients. It also gives you the opportunity to send recipients links to your conversion pages so that people can convert directly on their phones.

In short, this means that you can instantly connect with potential customers all over the world with the ability to convert them instantly.

Costs associated with marketing through WhatsApp

The bottom line of any marketing initiative is the cost. But with WhatsApp, you don't have to worry about that. It's free for all users in their first year, and then costs 99 cents per year after that.

Every company in the world can spend $1 on a marketing channel on a yearly basis. In fact, you almost certainly pay thousands each year to others.

With this low cost (and high potential), there's no reason not to give WhatsApp marketing a try. And if you don't like it after a year of free use, don't pay 99 cents and go back to what you were doing before.