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WhatsApp Marketing Tips 2022, So that we can use the WhatsApp application in the right and proper way in e-marketing, without falling into minor problems and challenges. We must follow some important tips that make this process that depends on (WhatsApp marketing) successful. So we have to follow some of the tips mentioned in this article that help us with that.

WhatsApp Marketing Tips

Correctly setting up our business profile

To get the most out of WhatsApp Business, it is important to add all relevant business information to our profile. The most important of which is our profile picture.

We can then add the opening hours, business website, email address, and location (if needed). Finally, we can put our work category and our work description. These steps are important to legitimize our work and show that we are serious about it.

Use messaging tools

Messaging tools like Message Away, Welcome Message, and Quick Replies are great for securing and maintaining customer relationships.

You can set the messages away for different times as per your convenience; The welcome message will go off automatically the first time someone sends you a message or after 14 days of inactivity.

Quick replies are great for sending depending on the reason for the message and really help save valuable time thinking about responses.

Name our chats for better tracking

Depending on the size and nature of the business, we will have different contacts for different purposes. Instead of saving contact names with embarrassing words like “Ashna blacktop June,” we can keep adding and updating labels to chats. Furthermore, we can add custom labels to separate groups.

Use stories to talk about our work

Use stories to let customers know about new products, popular products that are back in stock, what's happening behind the scenes, awards and recognition you've received, etc.

Create different marketing groups

You can create different groups for high-value customers and their interests to give them special discounts on the current prices of products to maintain loyalty. You can also give them new product samples, ask for feedback, and ask them for any ideas.

Broadcast greetings and important information

On important occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc., you can broadcast greetings to your customers and suppliers to let them know that you are thinking of them.

This will also help increase your brand's recall. Broadcasts can also be used to convey important information such as if you are introducing new products, if the business will be closed for a few days, etc. These were just some of the tips that can help you deliver a smooth process to your clients.