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Botnet Attack Prevention in 2022Preventing bot attacks has become more and more difficult over the years. One of the main challenges in preventing these attacks is the proliferation of devices. As different types of devices become readily available, often with their own security settings, it becomes difficult to monitor, track, and stop these attacks before they happen. However, some measures can still be taken to prevent bot attacks.

Botnet Attack Prevention in 2022

Can botnet attacks be prevented?

Keeping all systems up to date One of the main paths bots take to compromise a company’s security system is to use unpatched vulnerabilities in network devices. This makes it imperative to keep systems up to date and to ensure that new updates are installed as soon as they become available. Especially older devices that often can be neglected in organizations when they are not actively used.

Adopting basic best practices for cybersecurity It is important to follow basic security hygiene rules on all devices as well, to prevent bot attacks, this includes using complex passwords, educating employees about the dangers of scam emails and clicking on suspicious attachments and links, companies should also take measures appropriate to ensure that any new device entering its network has proper security settings.

Machine access control Taking action to lock down access to devices is another way you can prevent bot attacks In addition to strong passwords, you should also deploy multi-factor authentication and controls to provide access only to those who need it most, if controlled By accessing and separating critical systems from each other, it will become a little easier to isolate and eliminate bot attacks on a particular set of devices there.

Monitor network traffic with analytics solutions Preventing bot attacks requires good techniques to catch them early Using advanced analytics to monitor and manage traffic flows, user access, and data leaks is another action you can take, Mirai Botnet was one example where attackers exploited Unsecured connected devices.

Monitor Failed Login Attempts One of the biggest threats facing online businesses is account takeover. Botnets are often used to test large amounts of stolen username and password combinations in order to gain unauthorized access to user accounts. Monitoring will help The typical rate of failed login attempts builds a baseline, so that alerts can be set up to report any spikes in failed logins, which could be a sign of a bot attack.

How to mitigate bot attacks

Sometimes the best prevention measures can be overcome by bot attacks, and it becomes too late by the time they discover in the network, your best bet is to mitigate the impact of such attacks, and that means minimizing the damage that will happen.

Disabling the central server The botnets designed in the command and control model can be disabled If a central resource or server is selected, think of it as cutting the brain of the process to remove the bots completely.

Run anti-virus software or reset the device, for individual computers that have been compromised, the goal should be to regain control, this can be done by running anti-virus software, reinstalling system software, or reformatting the system from scratch, in the case of computers IoT, you will have to update the firmware, and complete a factory reset to mitigate the bot attack.

What systems and devices are most at risk?

When bot attacks make the news, the damage is usually indicated as the number of computers or servers that have been compromised, but it's not just individual systems that can get hit and fall, and any device connected to the Internet is vulnerable to bot attacks.

With the growth of the Internet of Things, more devices are joining the Internet, increasing the possibilities of attack vectors. Even seemingly harmless wireless CCTV cameras monitoring your porch or private backyard can be hacked to open an entry point for bots to enter the network, The fact that these new IoT devices can come with poorly configured security settings only exacerbates the problem.