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how to use whatsapp business with multiple users

How to use WhatsApp business with multiple users, How can I use WhatsApp Business with multiple users? Or can (WhatsApp Business) be used on multiple devices? That sounds like a fairly simple question, right? Unfortunately, WhatsApp made the answer complicated. In this article, we will explain the problems of multiple (WhatsApp Business) users, why they exist and the solution to using (WhatsApp Business) on multiple devices based on the type of company you are running.

how to use whatsapp business with multiple users

How to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users

Can you have multiple users on WhatsApp Business?

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Learn the correct way to set up a multi-user

Using WhatsApp Business with multiple users or on multiple devices depends on the WhatsApp product you are using, the WhatsApp Business application, or the WhatsApp Business API. Each platform has its own way of adding additional users and devices.

While the WhatsApp Business app is easy to set up, WhatsApp did not initially design it for multiple users. On the other hand, WhatsApp Business API has an associated cost and you will need to connect it to CRM base systems like to start using it.

Regardless of whether you use WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp Business API, we'll show you the best way to use WhatsApp Business for multiple users.

Multiple users in WhatsApp Business from one user to two users

When the business is small, the owner is usually the person who talks to the customers. This is an excellent thing for the WhatsApp Business app. In fact, small businesses from all over the world like Cozinha da Loli, a Brazilian bakery, use the app to engage with customers.

So how do we use (WhatsApp Business) for multiple users on the app? There are some solutions, but nothing on the shelf yet. As the application works on one device with one user, you cannot use (WhatsApp Business) on two devices at the same time.

However, it appears that (WhatsApp) will soon allow users of the application to log in with up to 4 devices with the same account simultaneously. This new feature is still in beta and is not yet available to the public.

1- Add an additional user using (WhatsApp Web)

Currently, while WhatsApp Business is for a single user, it can still be used by multiple people. One way is to swipe your phone, but this is cumbersome and will allow your employees to see your other messages.

Another way is to use an application (WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop). This is the same as using (WhatsApp Web or Desktop App) your personal (WhatsApp) account, except that you open the chat on one of your employee's computers. That's right, only one computer is allowed.

Although not ideal, with this setting you can have one employee reply to messages from their computer while being monitored from the phone. For a growing small business, this is a cheap and practical solution to reply to messages on WhatsApp.

But once WhatsApp releases the app's multiple user features, small businesses can finally open WhatsApp Web on up to four devices simultaneously and use WhatsApp Business for teams.

Associated users can also archive, mute, and delete messages from a companion device. For many small businesses, this is the breakthrough they've been waiting for.

2- Add an additional user on another phone

Although we don't recommend it, technically there is a way you can use a second phone to add an additional user if you don't have a computer handy. You can do this by opening (WhatsApp Web) in your phone's browser.

To do this, go to ( on your second phone. Under your browser settings, check the desktop site. Now, scan the QR code with your second phone. However, this method is not user friendly, as you will need to zoom in and out to respond to messages.

Honestly, we recommend using (WhatsApp Web) on a PC instead of using this method. However, once you need to use (WhatsApp Business) with multiple users or more users, you will need to upgrade to use (WhatsApp API) for your business.

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