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WhatsApp Business API Pricing Basics 2022

WhatsApp Business API Pricing Basics 2022, WhatsApp has two products, the WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API. We have explained the product differences in the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business API article. In this article, we only focus on the technical aspects of the WhatsApp API and what it means for businesses.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing Basics 2022

WhatsApp API: A New Platform to Connect with Business Software

For a start, the WhatsApp API is designed for medium to large businesses in mind. Since it is an API, there is no application and front end. Instead, it requires end-users to take an endpoint (WhatsApp API) and integrate it into their business software.

WhatsApp is for those who allow connecting to their API directly. At this point, only a few large companies such as Singapore Airlines, Uber, and WISH were allowed.

Instead, companies that want to connect to the WhatsApp API are encouraged to use third-party services called Business Solution Providers (BSPs) or WhatsApp Partners. It is easier to get approved for an account (WhatsApp API) by applying through it.

WhatsApp Business Solution Providers (WhatsApp BSPs)

Today there are more than 60 official WhatsApp Business API solution providers on the Facebook Directory. Your experience may differ radically depending on your BSP. To simplify things, there are two types of (WhatsApp BSPs), SMS Service Providers and others.

Partner types (WhatsApp Business API)

1- SMS Providers

The first group is SMS providers such as Twilio and Vonage. As SMS service providers, these companies are already using their APIs before they start selling WhatsApp accounts. Thus, the API you need to call will be similar to the old SMS API.

BSPs are great for companies that already use their service and want to integrate the WhatsApp API as one of their communication channels. It allows businesses to use multiple chat platforms without having to connect everything themselves.

The ease of applying for an account depends on your BSP. For example, Twilio has a self-service platform that lets you get started without talking to anyone. Vonage is more enterprise-oriented and requires you to talk to sales.

But as SMS providers are integrating WhatsApp API with their own API, it takes more time and effort on their part to include or update any new features of WhatsApp.

2- Others

Next, we have the other groups that are not identified as SMS service providers. Although WhatsApp started with SMS service providers as BSPs, other companies have got partnerships like CRM vendors, chatbot agencies, and self-service bot platforms.

These types of (WhatsApp Busines) solution providers like 360dialog are more likely to use a proxy API. Since their API is similar to those of WhatsApp, it is quick and easy for them to enable new features via the WhatsApp API.

This means that their API basically redirects to (WhatsApp API) and has the same API infrastructure. If you want new updates to be reflected quickly on your WhatsApp account, consider BSP with a proxy API.

WhatsApp Business API Pricing

You have to register with (BSP) and pay for a WhatsApp API account. As intermediaries, BSPs have to pay (WhatsApp) on their end to connect to their API so that they can offer the service to end-users.

Essentially, BSPs pay WhatsApp a different rate than they actually charge companies. And since each BSP can set its own rates, it makes sense to see if you're making a profit for your money.

Generally, WhatsApp does not charge any fees for messages sent within 24 hours (session messages) but there is a small fee for messages sent after 24 hours (message templates).

However, some BSPs charge end users for both session messages and message templates. With a sample rate card for messages that WhatsApp ships to BSPs, it will be easier for you to negotiate a deal because you know exactly how they are charged.

Additionally, this is not the final WhatsApp pricing. Starting in February 2021, WhatsApp will test its pricing model in Mexico.

WhatsApp Business API Profile

Now that you know the role of BSPs in setting up your WhatsApp API account, it's time to look at what a WhatsApp API business profile looks like. The WhatsApp API profile is not much different from the WhatsApp Business profile.

Unlike other messaging apps, the WhatsApp API profile will not be searchable within the app, so it is up to businesses to boost their presence. Businesses can improve their profile by updating their cover photo, description, title, email, and website.

Getting verified is difficult, but not impossible. This article (Types of WhatsApp Business Accounts and How to Spot Fake WhatsApp Business Accounts) an overview of how to do it. Some BSPs allow you to modify your profile or apply for verification on a self-service platform, while others require sending API calls. So keep that in mind when choosing a billing settlement payment (BSP).