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What is Fortran programming language, the FORTRAN Programming Language is one of the oldest and still popular programming languages and is a computer programming language widely used in digital and scientific computing.

This language was developed by a group of programmers at IBM, led by John Backus, and the first version of it was released in 1957. The process of writing mathematical equations in code.

What is Fortran programming language

Brief history of Fortran

Fortran is one of the oldest and first high-level programming languages. The first version of it was launched in 1957, and it is the preferred language for performing numerical calculations in various fields of science, engineering, physics and computational chemistry. This version for programmers to create a set of functions and sub-commands, and after the spread of this language increased demand by many computer manufacturers to modify some versions of them in accordance with the devices of each company.

After that, FORTRAN IV was released in 1961 and FORTRAN 66 was released, after which FORTRAN 77 was released, and in 1991 the new version of FORTRAN was released which was known as FORTRAN 90. As for the following version It was in 1997 (FORTRAN 95), and then three copies were released in 2003, 2008 and 2018, which were the last versions.

Fortran Language Features

  • Fortran is a simple language that is easy to learn and understand.
  • The programming language Fortran has the ability to control memory.
  • A language suitable for many applications as it has high capabilities in the field of equations, expressions and mathematical functions.
  • This language is object-oriented.
  • This language is characterized by its speed and high efficiency in various applications.
  • Fortran is used in applications based on algebra and matrices.
  • Fortran is the preferred language for performing large-scale numerical calculations in various scientific and engineering fields.

The main areas of use of the programming language Fortran

  • Fortran is the dominant programming language used in engineering applications.
  • This language is used in weather forecasting and weather forecasting.
  • Sports programs.
  • Statistical software.
  • Computational Physics and Chemistry.