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Scala programming language - Scala vs Java

Scala programming language - Scala vs Java, Scala Programming language: It is one of the open source high-level programming languages, multi-paradigm, and designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant and safe manner. It was designed by German computer scientist Martin Odersky, and was developed This language is to provide a better programming language than the Java programming language, where the criticisms that were directed at the Java language were relied upon, and the developers designed this language in order to get rid of these criticisms, as this language can deal with Java code very efficiently and can also retrieve and use libraries The Java language is based on the JVM (JAVA Virtual Machine).

Scala programming language - Scala vs Java

Scala Programming Language Features

  • This language combines the techniques of object-oriented programming and functional programming, as it has the advantages of both object-oriented programming and functional programming.
  • This language provides many ready-made libraries that help programmers and developers to create and design applications in the least time.
  • Scala is used to building Android smartphone apps.
  • The ability to run this language on the JVM, this allows Scala to deal with many operational and monitoring tools.
  • This language is used in the field of data analysis, as many companies benefit from this language in the field of data analysis.
  • Scala is an easy language to learn, with its main advantage being its ability to build simple, readable sentences.
  • In the Scala programming language, you do not need to mention the data type, as Scala works intelligently and can infer a data type without having to specify it.
  • The Scala programming language is highly scalable.
  • Scala can be used in desktop and web applications.
  • It can support Java APIs.

The difference between Scala and Java (Scala vs Java)

Scala and Java are both Object Oriented Programming Languages, but Scala combines functional programming applications with object-oriented programming applications. In addition, the Scala programming language shortens the number of lines of code, but Java it needs Developers to write more lines and code.