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Ruby on rails Features and librariesRuby on Rails is a web application framework written in the Ruby programming language and open source and free. It was developed by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004, and then witnessed great development in The field of building web applications that this framework is used by many frameworks such as the framework (Django) in the programming language Python and the framework (Laravel) in the programming language PHP.

Ruby on rails Features and libraries

Ruby on rails Features

One of the most important features of this framework is that the user can build a modern and distinct web application through it, in addition to making the development process easy and enjoyable, as it provides an element that the user needs to build the most powerful applications. and (SoundCloud).

What are the base libraries for Ruby On Rails?

There are many libraries that are used with this framework and here are the most important ones:

Action Cable

The principle of work of this library is based on integrating Web Sockets with all elements of the Rails application with ease, as it allows writing the desired real-time features in Ruby in the same format and form as the rest of your Rails application while maintaining the speed of performance and portability. Development.

Action Mailbox

Action Mailbox Routes incoming mail messages to a mailbox for processing.

Action Mailer

It is a library dedicated to designing email service layers, which are used to generate code that sends emails related to users' forgotten passwords and welcome messages.

Action Pack

It is a Ruby on Rails framework used to process and respond to web requests.

Action Text

This framework provides customizable text content in Rails with an editor that handles everything from formatting to citation links, menus, and image galleries.

Action View

It is a framework whose main function is to search for presentation templates and provide tools to help build forms built using HTML forms.

Active Job

It is a framework for declaring and executing functions on various types of queuing backend.

Active Model

This framework provides a well-known set of interfaces for use in form classes since it allows interaction with different forms that are not.

Active Storage

This library performs the process of uploading files and creating a reference to them in cloud services such as (Amazon S3) or (Google Cloud), and this library supports the mechanism of owning a basic storage service in a cloud service.