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Perl web development in 2022 - Learn About Perl Programming LanguagePerl Programming Language is an acronym for “Practical Extraction and Reporting Language” and it is a multi-purpose programming language developed by the American programmer Larry Wall in 1987; Where (Perl 1.0) was launched for devices running the UNIX operating system, it has been developed to be used in various fields, as it is used for word processing and is also used to perform a range of different tasks such as network programming and website development.

Perl web development in 2022

Perl Programming Features

The Perl programming language works with a number of other programming languages such as the HTML Programming Language (HTML).

Perl supports both procedural programming language and object oriented programming.

Perl is used in important public and private sector projects.

The Perl programming language includes powerful text-processing tools that make it ideal for working with XML and all other natural sign languages.

The integrated Perl database interface supports various databases, including (Oracle), (MySQL) and others.

The Perl programming language is an open source language.

Perl is a high-level programming language so it is closer to other popular programming languages ​​such as C, C++ and thus becomes easy for anyone to learn.

The Perl programming language has a huge archive of ready-made plugins which are ready-to-use libraries and scripts.

The Perl language is not dependent on a specific operating system (Cross Platform), which means that it can be used on various platforms.

Using the Perl programming language, modules can be added to software libraries for game programming, web design, and other useful applications.

The Perl programming language has gained wide popularity due to its power in dealing with regular expressions, and its efficiency in managing giant sites such as (Amazon) the movie database (IMDb), and others.

What is Perl programming language used for

  • Managing databases and networks.
  • Management of systems and servers.
  • Text file processing.
  • Web programs and applications.

Programming languages influenced by the Perl programming language

  • PHP Programming Language.
  • The programming language is JavaScript.