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Most popular search engine in 2022 - Major search engines

The most popular search engine in 2022 - Major search engines, A search engine is a service that allows Internet users to search for content through the World Wide Web (WWW), in which the user types keywords or characters into the search engine, and then receives a list of web content results. directly in the form of websites, photos, videos, and many other data. It is called SERP and it is the list of results returned by the user, ie the search engine results page.

Most popular search engine in 2022 - Major search engines best search engine

The search engine retrieves all results from any files containing those words, and today there are many different search engines available on the Internet, each with its own features and capabilities.

Archie is the first to appear in search engines and was used to search for FTP files, and Veronica is the first search engine based on typing texts. There are many search engines such as AOL,, Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo, but Google is the most popular among them.

How to enter the search engine

Users are accessed through the browser of a desktop computer or tablet, smartphone, and other devices. Most modern search browsers these days use the Omnibox, which is the box or text box at the top of the browser where the address appears, and where the Internet can be searched. Or you can visit one of the major search engine pages to do the same.

How search engine works

Since huge search engines contain millions of pages, they not only search for the pages but also display the results according to their relevance. This significance is usually determined using different algorithms. Algorithms are software commands that allow the device to perform a number of graphical manipulations in order to reach solutions or to achieve results.

It aims to understand the way users search and give them the best answer to their questions. This means giving priority to the pages of the highest quality and most relevant and relevant to these questions. The better algorithms are the ones that are more careful and are constantly changing to avoid abuse.

The origin of all search engine data is small smart software often referred to as “spiders”, “robots” or “crawlers” to search the Internet, which automatically visits pages and indexes their content in the search engine database.

When a page is crawled, its data is processed and indexed, often using the following steps:

  1. Elimination of excluded words, which are words that are excluded before automatic text processing, and which are frequently repeated, such as to, from, and others.
  2. Write down the remaining words on the page that are repeated constantly.
  3. Record links on other pages as spiders rely on them to move between pages.
  4. Record information about any images, and audio, and embed them on the page.
  5. This historical aggregate data is used for page rank as it is the first rule that search engines use to determine if and in what order a page will appear.
  6. Finally, when the data is processed, it is divided into one or more files and distributed to different computers, or it is loaded into memory where it can be processed when doing a search.

Thus, searches on search engines are divided into two or three main sections, which are as follows:

  1. The first is spider crawls where the web is scanned for content that was searched and typed into the engine's search box.
  2. Indexing of results, i.e. storing the information and data collected during the crawl process by content in a base of the search engine.
  3. Results: When the user asks the search engine, the results related to the query are returned to the person according to the search engine's algorithm.

At first, search engines relied heavily on page content, but as websites learned the system game, algorithms became more complex, and search results returned relied on thousands of variable characters.

What is the best search engine?

There is no exact search engine better than others, but some believe that Google is the best, most famous, and most popular. Often someone asks what something is or how to do it.

Also, Microsoft's Bing search engine is one of the most popular and used by many people. It does an excellent job of finding information and answering questions. There is also Yahoo.

Different methods of search engines

Each of the three major search engines uses different methods to rank websites. Understanding these methods helps in understanding the SEO strategies outlined in this guide.

Major search engines

Google search engine

This engine imposed the importance of web pages based on both keywords, the number of backlinks that return to your site from pages considered important in Google's estimation, and that are more weighty and increase the ranking of linked pages, and Google analyzes the relevance of the content on the page and other factors. Google's ranking algorithm is constantly changing, which is useful for staying in touch with the latest changes.

Bing search engine

It is a search engine launched by Microsoft, and it ranks websites according to page content, the number, and the quality of websites that send links to your pages, in addition to the strength of the link between keywords and the content of your website.

Yahoo search engine

Yahoo started as a manually edited directory, but now uses link analysis tools to determine the relevance of a page. The content is also important in determining the relevance of the search as well. Plus backlinks and good website design.