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Haskell programming features, Haskell Programming Language is one of the functional programming languages, which is a language based on mathematical principles. This language first appeared in 1990, and in 1997 a new version of this language appeared, and this language is developing very quickly. The translator is Glasgow It is the most common in use in this language, and the reason for calling this language in relation to the American mathematician and logician Haskell Curry.

Haskell programming features

Haskell Programming Language Features:

  • Haskell is easy to use and easy to use.
  • The Haskell programming language provides the possibility to use a memory cleaner or a Garbage Collector whereby data that is no longer needed by the programmer is removed from the random memory (RAM) and this process ensures the integrity of the memory.
  • Haskell design is built around clear and easy-to-understand pure functions.
  • The Haskell programming language has a vibrant community and a rich library of hacks.
  • Haskell is a language with open standards and specifications.
  • The Haskell programming language adopts investment banks, social networks, and others.
  • The writing style of the Haskell programming language is consistent and strict.
  • The Haskell Compiler (GHC) is a clear and interpreted compiler that works on various operating systems and is highly efficient.
  • There are many free resources available for people interested in learning the Haskell language.
  • The Haskell programming language is a good choice for developers who can afford to save time because the Haskell code has no vulnerabilities.

Areas of use of the Haskell programming language

increasing reliance on the Haskell programming language; It is used in many areas, and while Haskell is a general-purpose language that can be used in any field, it is ideally suited to proprietary business logic, data analysis, and rapid prototyping. There are many companies and applications that use the Haskell programming language such as:

  • Facebook.
  • Google.
  • Twitter.
  • Microsoft.

Programming languages influenced by the Haskell programming language