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go programming language - Golang Advantages

Go programming language - Golang Advantages, The market for programming languages has undergone many changes. Many languages have appeared that have brought about a major change in the information technology industry, and among these languages has recently emerged, the Go Language.

go programming language - Golang Advantages

About the Go Programming Language

Go is an open-source procedural programming language, which was developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, but was launched and announced Officially in 2009 as an open-source programming language.

This language is characterized as dynamic, as is the case in the programming language Python (Python) and the language (Ruby) and Google focused when developing this language on many advantages that made the language of Go more simple, easy, and effective than other programming languages.

Golang Advantages

  • Open Source Language: One of the most important advantages of this language is that it is open-source, so the source code of its translator, libraries, and tools are freely available to everyone, and this makes the process of developing efficient, reliable, and simple programs easy.
  • Go works on a variety of operating systems such as: (Unix, OpenBSD, Plan9, Microsoft Windows, and OSX).
  • Go includes a set of standard libraries with functions for handling word processing, graphics, coding, networking, and distributed applications.
  • Go is sometimes described as similar to C since it inherited from C a set of grammar, control expressions, and basic data types.
  • It has a memory management mechanism or the so-called Garbage Collection.
  • Using the Go language, you can get the desired result as quickly as possible.
  • Go is particularly suitable for building infrastructures such as network servers, tools, and systems for programmers, and can be used in areas as diverse as graphics, mobile applications, and machine learning.
  • Go is able to achieve concurrency as it allows to perform many tasks at the same time and efficiently.
  • Go is flexible, easy, concise, and simple to use and read.
  • Go language is used in different applications such as: (Netflix, and Dropbox).

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