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Go libraries - Golang programming language

Go libraries - Go programming language, Go Language is one of the most important programming languages in use today due to its many advantages, the most important of which are ease of use, learning, ease of writing commands, and also the user can take advantage of all these advantages in addition to taking advantage of the Go standard libraries to write clear, capable and highly efficient programs.

Go libraries - Golang programming language

The most important Go Language Libraries

There are many packages and libraries used in the Go programming language that support developers in the process of designing and creating their own applications. Go is rich in these libraries that make the programming process smooth, and the most important of these libraries are:

Go Kit

It is one of the standard libraries in the Go programming language and the most common for the microservices of the Go language, and the Go language is a general-purpose language, but the Go Kit aims to provide specialized support for microservices, and this tool makes work easier for teams because It supports microservices, which facilitate the use of the Go libraries that enable developers to adapt and develop them to suit their own needs.

Golang GORM

It is an easy-to-use tool for developers that allows them to transfer data between different and incompatible types of systems.

Golang CLI

It is a simple, fast, and fun package for creating command-line applications in the Go programming language. This library makes it easy to create help texts and allows developers to create their own command-line applications based on their needs.


It is a handy and versatile tool designed specifically for testing HTTP services like HTTP load testing, and it works great if you want to analyze weak points in your program.

golang fuzzy

A free Go library that aims to help developers match fuzzy strings.


It is a library of the Go language used in SQL applications (Structured Query (Language).

Golang Time

A software package in Go is used to display and measure time.

Golang gg 

A tool used to manage Go projects.


This is one of the best Go libraries that provide documentation of predeclared identifiers.

Golang Ebiten

It is an open source game library used to develop 2D games.