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What is game programming and how to become a Video Games Programmer

What is game programming and how to become a Video Games ProgrammerThe process of designing, programming, and developing video games is not easy at all. It is related to computer science, programming, technology, design, and video games. Programming is the applied step and the main element in the process of designing and programming games, as no type of game can be obtained without programming; It is the process of designing and building executable computer programs, and the video game market is one of the most popular consumer markets today that produces high profits.

What is game programming and how to become a Video Games Programmer

Games Programming Vs Games Design

Games Design

The process of designing games includes many things, such as: defining the objectives of its design, determining the target group of this game, determining the type of game, whether it is an action game or an adventure game, determining the main characters, the way of playing, the game levels, and defining the rules and conditions of the game, and this requires full knowledge of graphic programs. And animation and the process of designing games can be likened to the process of starting to build a house. In the beginning, an architect is contracted to plan the house and determine the number of rooms, area, and windows.

Games Programming

In the game programming process, the ideas and visions that were identified in the game design process are transformed into the final and practical form, by writing programming codes for the implementation of games, and this requires the game programmer to master one of the programming languages ​​and there are many programming languages ​​dedicated to this field, such as Programming with C#, JavaScript, and C++ programming language. The programmer is also responsible for providing the game on various platforms and is responsible for producing and processing the games as required.

What you need to design a video game

  • Game Story: This is the most important part when starting to design a particular game; The final look of the game and the story of the game must be decided before designing it.
  • Determine the platform of the game: The target group of the game must be determined whether this game works on phones or computers and whether it will be available on various operating systems, whether the Android operating system or the IOS system.
  • Graphic design and sound effects for the game.