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Difference between c++ and c sharp

Difference between c++ and c sharp, Is C++ better than C#The C programming language is widely used because it runs very fast and has many advantages, and programmers still use it in operating systems, communication applications, and applications that need to deal with legacy code, and later the C++ programming language was developed as an extension of the language. programming (C); It has more advanced capabilities and has become one of the most versatile and popular programming languages, and one of the most important areas of its use is server and computer applications, especially applications that depend on the graphical interface (GUI).

Difference between c++ and c sharp

Key Differences Between C and C++ Programming Language

  • The programming language (C++) was developed as an extension of the programming language (C) and this means that it is possible for the language (C++) to run most of the programming code of the language (C), but the opposite is not true, as the programming language (C) cannot run the code C++ language.
  • The C++ programming language supports some properties that are not present in the C programming language, such as inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation.
  • The C programming language does not provide error handling, but C++ does.
  • C does not support the concept of reference variables, while C++ supports reference variables that are alias to an already existing variable.
  • The C programming language is one of the most popular languages ​​based on procedural programming logic, while C++ combines both procedural and object-oriented.

C# Vs C++ programming language

C++ is designed to work with the Microsoft .NET framework in web applications, while C++ is an object-oriented language, and there are many differences between C++ and C++.

The main differences between the C programming language and the C . programming language

The C++ programming language allows for automatic memory management, while C++ requires manual memory management.

C# does not use pointers, while C++ can use pointers anywhere.

The C++ programming language can create standalone applications, while the C Sharp language helps create Windows, ASP.NET, and mobile applications.