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UEFA Nations League - Portugal vs Czech Republic

Expected battle between Portugal and the Czech Republic

In the matches of the third stage of the second group of the first level, the Portuguese team will host its Czech counterpart.

Cristiano Ronaldo's comrades are looking for a second victory in the group after the quartet they scored against the Swiss team in the last round, while the Czechs tied with Spain with two goals for the same in the second round.

Portugal hopes to take advantage of the ground factors and the public in order to achieve victory and lead the group before visiting the Swiss team next week.

UEFA Nations League - Portugal and the Czech Republic

“Ronaldo” .. the catalyst of the new generation in the Portuguese national team

Despite reaching the age of 37 and with a record full of achievements, Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo crosses the boundaries of the iconic player adored by the football fans.

The Portugal captain has the international legitimacy to inspire newcomers: 188 caps and 117 goals, a world record, 9 finals major, winning Euro 2016.

Despite all these achievements, CR7 always appears as a star who is not satisfied with everything that has been achieved, as demonstrated by his double of the quartet, winning over Switzerland 4-0 on Sunday, to lead Portugal to the top of the group with 4 points, with a goal difference from the Czech Republic, after a draw with Spain 1 -1 opening.

-"It's hard to replace"

On the eve of the expected match, Portugal coach Fernando Santos said during a press conference that it was "difficult" to replace Ronaldo in the world of football.

"It is difficult for any footballer to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, not only in Portugal but in the whole world, like the rest of the important players," he said.

Ronaldo confirmed on social media that he feels "a lot of pride and confidence" with the Portuguese squad.

The five-time winner of the Golden Ball for the best in the world regularly talks about his association with "Celeção" and his companions, but he seemed tired at times during the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In this context, Diogo Dalo, 23, his Manchester United and national team colleague, told Sky Sports last month, "When he feels he can trust you, he gives 100 percent. It is always a great advantage to have such a player and person in Dressing Room".

- "Unite all"

Several newcomers to the Portuguese national team have praised Ronaldo's pivotal role in their integration.

"He likes to unite everyone and has helped a lot by being part of the squad," said Atletico Madrid's Spanish attacking midfielder Joao Felix in an interview with "Eleven Sports" in February 2020.

"He is an example for the whole team. A great leader and always ready to give advice. Before a Nations League game, he told me to keep calm and enjoy," the 22-year-old added in another interview with World Soccer magazine in March 2021.

The words of Paris Saint-Germain full-back Nono Mendes, who was called for the first time to defend the colors of his country in the spring of 2021, did not deviate from his compatriot after his first match in Portuguese colors against Azerbaijan, as the 19-year-old said, "The captain (Cristiano Ronaldo) gave me advice before The match. It's very important to me, she helped me and I think she showed up on the pitch."

Of all the young players, Ronaldo has a special relationship with Dalo.

- "My friend Dallo"

During the exercises, the two "Red Devils" often appear together.

Ronaldo posted on social media, "Focus on the daily goals, enjoy the moments with your friends. Great training period with my friend Dalo!"

For his part, Dalo said in May, "Working with someone who has this work culture, this professionalism, and this mindset and the opportunity to be close to them, helped me a lot."

Like many of his teammates in the national team, the United player hopes to enjoy the presence of the greatest international goalscorer in football history for as long as possible, so in October he told the club's Inside United magazine, "He is on another level, it can't be explained in words. You have to. Just take advantage of it as much as you can (...)".

Ronaldo has repeatedly said throughout his career that he wants to play until the age of forty, while in March when asked when he would retire, he insisted that he would be the only one who made the decision to stop playing football.