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Google Classroom App Features Online Education

Google Classroom App FeaturesGoogle the most famous company in the world of technology, has launched its distinguished application (Google Classroom). Google Classroom is a free educational site launched by the giant Google and aims to create an online class and develop virtual education between teacher and student.

Google Classroom App Features

Features of Google Classroom App online education

The objectives of this project are to facilitate the publication and collection of educational assignments among students without papers. The Google Classroom service depends mainly on the Internet, that powerful application that the company recently released, which is one of Google's educational programs that aims to facilitate the distance learning process, so we will go in this The article is to talk about the (Google Classroom) application and its features.

It also allows teachers to create online classes to enable them to collect, distribute and manage these classes, and allows them to communicate and collaborate with students and their parents, Google Classroom is a free service from Google launched to help better communicate between teachers and students, as they are virtual educational classes Created by teachers, enabling them to collect, distribute and manage these classes.

In addition, communication and collaboration with students as well as their parents; To provide a comprehensive assessment of their children’s performance, this platform also works on a strong integration of technology and education, as paperwork is gradually dispensed within the process of submitting documents and educational materials, student assessment and continuous study follow-up.

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Google Classroom Features

The (Google Classroom) application has many advantages, like Google applications in general, as it did not leave the room without providing an application in which to solve the problems of users, and of course, the features of its applications are what made it dominate most of the technological products, so we will talk in this article about the advantages of Google Classroom App:

  • Follow up on assignments and study tasks, as the Google Classroom application provides teachers with a feature that enables them to assign students to assignments and tasks, distribute and correct them electronically, and enables students to perform these duties, as well as the teacher has several options in those duties, such as reusing the same assignment more than once, and submitting an appointment Assignment, adding links, documents, and files to help students solve their assignments.
  • The Google Classroom program is available on mobile devices that support the Android operating system and the Apple operating system.
  • Follow up with parents: The Google Classroom application provides a great ability for teachers, which is to send their assessments of students' performance to parents via e-mail, where they can add several details such as the assignments that the student has not completed as well as the activities he is doing and whether the student is performing well bad mother.
  • Providing direct communication between the professor and the student as well as the possibility of opening the door for discussion between the students and the teacher.
  • Diversity of sources and advertisements One of the advantages of the Google Classroom program is that it may be considered as a store for resources and exchange of study materials between the teacher and his students, as it allows teachers and students to share files from their devices, whether they are images, documents, videos or links, the teacher can also identify himself as the only one who is able On posting in the group and students are not allowed to comment or send, it is nice to be able to make advertisements through the Google Classroom platform for teachers and send them via e-mail to all class students, as well as the teacher is able to determine when the advertisement, participation or any assignment appears in the posts section.
  • Google Classroom is directly linked with the rest of the sites supported by Google (such as Google Drive, Google Calendar, Sheets Slides Google Docs, and Gmail) to facilitate e-learning without using paper.
  • Automatic storage: When there are any files in the Google Classroom application, they are automatically stored in (Google Drive) files under the name (Classroom), this file includes any assignments that the teacher has distributed, and the teacher can also save the students’ answers in ( Google Drive) and choosing the best one as a template for the perfect answer, it allows the teacher to share it with his students in a simple way by sharing the link, adding it to the announcement, the assignment, etc.
  • Easy to use for students and teachers: One of the advantages of the application is that it is easy to use and has a simple interface. It is characterized by the ease of giving assignments and tasks (Assignments) by the teacher or the teacher, and it also allows students to share files among themselves and answer the teachers’ questions, and it is easy to answer all assignments and send them again To the teacher, correct the answers at a high speed and send the grade directly to the student.
  • The possibility of archiving lessons at the end of the semester, and there are no advertising paragraphs within the content.