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Google Classroom e-learning app (online learning)

Google Classroom e-learning app, Many middle and high school teachers often ask many questions about the best ways to implement and apply digital resources in their classrooms, and one of the most popular and current topics of our time is online learning and distance learning. The distance learning strategies can be effectively applied, so each has its own advantages for both teachers and students.

In contrast to traditional education methods, distance learning (online learning) allows different users the flexibility to choose the hours of study and the appropriate time to study. as well as the appropriate place for their studies. In everything, by choosing what suits you, many students have the freedom to choose the various educational resources available online and the possibility of repeating the various recorded lectures. in various distance education sites and applications, and it also allows users the freedom to choose the appropriate application without having to adhere to a specific application as it happens in academic learning.

Google Classroom e-learning app (online learning)

What is the Google Classroom app?

Google, the most famous company in the world of technology, has launched its distinguished application (Google Classroom). Google Classroom is a free educational site, launched by the giant Google, and aims to create an online class and develop virtual education between the teacher and the student. 

The objectives of this project are To facilitate the publication and collection of educational assignments among students without papers. the Google Classroom service relies mainly on the Internet. that powerful application recently released by the company, which is one of Google's educational programs, aims to facilitate the distance learning process. so my friend in this article we will go to talk About the application (Google Classroom) and its features.

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It allows teachers to create online classes and enables them to collect, distribute and manage these classes, and allows them to communicate and collaborate with students and their parents. as Google Classroom is a free service from Google that was launched to help better communication between teachers and students. as they are virtual educational classes Created by teachers enabling them to collect, distribute and manage these classes in addition to communicating. And collaborating with students as well as their parents to provide a comprehensive assessment of their children's performance. This platform also works towards a strong integration of technology and education, as the paper is gradually eliminated in the process of submitting documents And the educational materials as well as student assessment and continuing study follow-up.