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What Is Distance Learning Online education

The virus crisis affected various sectors, the most important of which is the education sector, as it prompted various educational institutions, including schools and universities around the world, to close their doors; This is in order to avoid the risk of the spread of this dangerous virus, which has sparked great controversy among those enrolled in these sectors, especially students who are waiting to take exams that they consider crucial, such as the Tawjihi and Cambridge, in light of this protracted crisis.

In contrast to traditional education methods, distance learning (online learning) allows different users the flexibility to choose the hours of study and the appropriate time to study as well as the appropriate place for their studies. In everything, by choosing what suits you, as many students have the freedom to choose the various educational resources available online and the possibility of repeating the various recorded lectures, in various distance education sites and applications, and it also allows users the freedom to choose the appropriate application without having to adhere to a specific application as it happens in academic learning.

What Is Distance Learning

Distance learning:

With the progress of civilizations and in response to the development of modern technologies in its various forms, distance education came to be the ideal solution to various problems that may impede the educational process from being fully accessible, which called on educational institutions and universities alike to make all efforts and promote various endeavors to support modern technologies that keep pace with development Modern, in order to provide all that helps the learner to obtain all the desired information and knowledge with the latest and fastest means, as distance education was not directly adopted, but rather came after a series of educational frameworks that preceded the technology of distance education, and contributed to the promotion, and the introduction For this model, the most important of which is learning by correspondence, self-learning and continuous learning, as it took various forms and models over different eras until it resulted in this form of education.

There is no single definition dedicated to distance education, as the definition can include the term online education so that the educational process here is where students are not physically present in educational institutions from universities, schools, and others so that the student uses a personal computer to complete the educational process wherever It was.

It is an education that depends on the Internet, and all interactions between the lecturer and the various students take place through the forums, and the educational courses are divided into different units so that these units contain various sources of videos and readable sources so as to provide the information that the student may need in order to deliver the information in an appropriate manner. To complete the tasks and duties correctly. One of the advantages that distance education offers you is to save distance and time, and it is not required that your teacher is with you in the same place.

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