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C Programming Language Advantages And Disadvantages

Advantages And Disadvantages Of C Programming LanguageThe main features of C include low-level memory access and a simple set of keywords. These features make C suitable for system programs such as an operating system or compiler development.

C Programming Language

C language features

The C language has a number of advantages, including:

Very powerful and efficient language and one of the fastest programming languages ​​during execution time: Newer languages ​​such as Java and Python offer more advantages than C, but their performance rate drops significantly due to additional processing of these languages. It also provides access to direct manipulation with computers but higher-level languages ​​do not allow this, and this is one of the most important reasons why C language is the first choice to start learning programming languages ​​because statically typed languages ​​are faster than dynamically typed languages, and they are quick to implement in short because the tools of The language deals with the machine, which shortens the execution time.

  • Portability: Programs written in C can be run and compiled on any system without any small changes, and a program written in this language can work with more than one device such as (Apple).
  • A language used for general purposes: used in many applications, system software, and image-editing programs.
  • Structured Language: One of the things that distinguish the C language is that it contains the main function that calls a group of other functions, which facilitates the process of building the program.
  • Static type: The C programming language is a statically typed language. Means that the type of variable is defined at compile time and not at run time, meaning that every time the programmer writes a program, it has to say what type of variables are used.
  • Libraries with Rich Functions: The powerful C libraries and functions help even novice programmers to code with ease.
  • Standard language: Most language translators are compatible with the standard language.
  • The size of its programs is small compared to other languages.
  • Procedural language: Instructions are implemented step by step.
  • You deal at the bit level: that is, you can read, write and perform operations at the bit level. A bit is the smallest unit of information in a computer.

Disadvantages of C language:

C language has few drawbacks compared to its many advantages:

  • There are errors that a C programmer cannot detect.
  • It relies on the special translator method, which translates the entire program in one go, and then displays a list of errors.