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How do I call Aramex Saudi Arabia?

Aramex Customer Service Saudi Arabia

Aramex Customer Service Saudi Arabia Contact numbers. How do I contact Aramex customer service? Aramex Riyadh, The main office in Riyadh on King Fahd Road towards Qassim at the intersection of King Salman Road 11583. The unified and toll-free number for branches in Saudi Arabia is 920027447. and you can contact them anywhere in Saudi Arabia at this number And working hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm. you can check also all the branches of western union in Saudi Arabia here.

Aramex Customer Service Saudi Arabia Contact numbers

How do I call Aramex in Saudi?

Sulaymaniyah Branch, Thirty Street, behind Al Sadhan Mall, Contact number: 00966014160353 - Fax: 00966012754003.

Exit 16 Branch Istanbul Street 11583, Tel: 0096612759000 - Fax: 0096612754003.

Majma Branch, King Fahd Street, Tel: 00966920027447 - Fax: 0096612754003.

Tamkeen Tower Branch, Al-Yasmeen District, Olaya Street, behind the Saudi German Hospital, Tel: 009669200274472.

Wadi Al Dawasir Branch in Khamseen District, Chamber of Commerce Road, Tel: 0096617841022 - Fax: 0096617841022.

Al-Malaz Branch in Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Street (Al-Arbaeen), Tel: 00966920027447 - Fax: 0096614729000.

Southern Ring Road Branch, Tel. 00966126129159.

Al-Rawda Branch, Abu Saeed Al-Khudari, Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Street, Tel: 00966920027447.

You can check also all the branches and contact of Aramex in the United Arab Emirates.

Aramex branches in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia:

Contact number 00966920027447.

Fax: 00966138877222.

PO Box 1916.

  • Hofuf Branch, Al Muroor Roundabout, near Al Othaim Mall, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096635869608.
  • Jubail Branch, King Abdul Aziz Street, behind Bank Albilad, Dammam, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096633638833.
  • Qatif Branch, Abdullah Bin Harth Street, Tel. 00966507403589.
  • Hafr Al-Batin Branch, Main Road, King Abdul Aziz Street, in front of Tayseer Hotel, Tel: 0096637211015 - Fax: 0096637211015.
  • Qatif Branch, Al Quds Street, near Top Ten Supermarket, Tel: 009662920027447, Fax: 0096638544913.
  • Dammam Branch, Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Road, First Road, Tel: 009662920027447, Fax: 00966138877222.
  • Khafji Branch, Nayef Street, near Al Khonaini Fuel, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096637666868.
  • Dhahran Aramco Branch, Managers Tower, Electronic Showroom, Tel: 009662920027447.
  • Saihat Branch, Omar Bin Abdulaziz Street 31911, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096638377651.

Aramex Jeddah

You can also check the Saudi National Bank branches here.

  • Aramex branch is located in Jeddah in Al-Bawadi area, Al-Madina Street, between Al-Quraishi and Hira Streets.
  • Phone 00966920027447.
  • From outside the Kingdom 00966126129100.
  • Fax 00966126059971.
  • PO Box 15802.
  • Al-Majardah Branch, Main Street, next to Ibn Al-Saffour Center and Phoenix Company, Tel: 009662920027447.

Other Aramex branches in Saudi Arabia:

  • Al-Qunfudah Branch in Al-Hazmi Street, 009662920027447.
  • Rabigh Branch, Main Road, near the Electricity Company, Tel: 009662920027447.
  • Sabt Al Alaya Branch, Main Road, near Ibn Khuwailid Gas Station, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 096676300116.
  • Yanbu Branch, Jeddah-Madinah Main Road, right after Bridgestone, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096643900304.
  • Bisha branch on King Faisal Street next to Al-Zahra Hospital in front of the Public Library, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096676201860.
  • Al-Ruwais branch, Al-Ruwais area, near Haifa Mall, Tel: 009662920027447.
  • Al-Kandara Branch, Al-Kandara District, near the Passport Department, Tel: 009662920027447.
  • Tahlia Street Branch behind NCB Club, Tel: 009662920027447.
  • Sakaka Al-Jawf Branch, Main Road, King Abdul Aziz Street, next to Sakaka Exhibition, Tel: 096646252966.
  • Qurayyat Branch, King Abdul Aziz Street, in front of Al-Razi School, near Sadafen Restaurant, Tel: 0096646424021.
  • Arar Branch, Main Street, King Abdul Aziz Street, in front of Tayseer Hotel, Tel: 0096646610664.
  • Buraydah Al-Qassim Branch, Main Road, Al-Khabab Street, next to Riyad Bank, Tel: 009663692089.
  • Khamis Mushait Branch, near Sony Showroom, King Fahd Road, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096672351736.
  • Hail Branch, Hail Main Street, near the Portfolio Office for Tourism and Travel, Tel: 0096665314199 - Fax: 0096665314199.
  • Tabuk Branch, Al-Morouj 2, behind Al-Bazi Mosque, Tel: 009662920027447, Fax: 0096644240732.
  • Madinah Branch, Shaker Commercial Complex, Tabuk Road, on the opposite side of the Holy Qur’an edition, Tel: 009662920027447 – Fax: 0096648270780.
  • Makkah Branch, Al-Zaydi District, near the Driving School, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096625496242.
  • Taif Branch, King Fahd Road, Muawiyah Market, before Masarah Roundabout, after Faisal Sanafi School, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096627333462.
  • Jizan branch on King Road, next to Sony International, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096673226008.
  • Najran Branch, King Abdul Aziz Street, next to the Chamber of Commerce, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096675235440.
  • Al Baha Branch in Al Baha Expressway in front of Shifa Park, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 00966077273305.
  • Abha Branch on Abha Khamis Mushait Expressway, next to Sony Showroom, Tel: 009662920027447 - Fax: 0096626834881.