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Pele leaves hospital, brazilian football legend Pele has left Albert Einstein Hospital in the capital, Sao Paulo, the latter announced Monday, as he was receiving chemotherapy and had to extend it due to a urinary tract infection.

Pele Leaves Hospital

Pele leaves hospital after treatment for urinary tract infection

Doctors for Pele, 81, said in a statement, after a two-week stay in hospital, that "permission was granted to leave hospital on Saturday."

They added that "his condition is clinically stable, he recovered from a urinary tract infection and continued treatment for a colon tumor that was discovered in September 2021."

On the fourth of last September, Pele underwent surgery in the same hospital to remove a colon tumor discovered during routine examinations. He spent ten days in intensive care and returned briefly a few days later with breathing difficulties.

Pele was hospitalized again for two weeks last December for chemotherapy.

Doctors discovered that he was suffering from a urinary tract infection eight days after his admission to the hospital, but it was announced today that he had received treatment for the infection.

The hospital said in a statement: "The patient's clinical condition is stable and he has recovered from the infection."

He added, "He will continue treatment for a colon tumor that was discovered in September 2021."

Pele had returned to the hospital for two weeks, starting from the eighth of last December, to continue treatment.

Pele, who has won the World Cup three times, is one of only four stars to score in four World Cups.

Pele is still the most prominent scorer in the history of the Brazilian national team, as he scored 77 goals in 92 matches, seven goals ahead of his compatriot Neymar, the French player of Paris Saint-Germain.