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World War 3 - The Ukrainian crisis.developments moment by moment

World War 3, The Ukrainian crisis..developments moment by moment

Ukraine crisis, The majority of the member states of the UN Security Council (15 countries) rejected Russia's decision to recognize the independence of Lugansk and Donetsk, and Europe and the United States of America announced imposing sanctions on Moscow, while keeping the door of diplomacy open in order to overcome the crisis.

World War 3 - The Ukrainian crisis.developments moment by moment

Here are the latest developments of Russia-Ukraine Crisis:

18 seconds ago

Ukrainian President: I am ready to end the war through bilateral talks and with the participation of other leaders.

3 minutes ago

Ukrainian President: There is no need for general mobilization today, and a decree was issued to enlist reserve forces during a specified period.

4 hours ago

Putin: So far it is possible to reach an understanding and solve the problems between Ukraine and the two breakaway regions.

NATO Secretary General: Russia continues to plan an all-out attack on Ukraine.

Separatists in Donetsk: 3 civilians were killed and 2 soldiers were wounded in the shelling of the Ukrainian army.

5 hours ago

NATO Secretary-General: There is still a possibility to avoid an all-out war and we urge Russia to choose the path of diplomacy.

Al-Jazeera correspondent: The Russian Federation Council approves Putin's request to allow the use of Russian forces outside Russian territory.

NATO Secretary General: What Russia has done is a violation of international law and an undermining of Ukrainian sovereignty, and we will support Ukraine politically, militarily and financially.

The Russian Ministry of Defense: The situation in Donetsk and Lugansk is heading towards escalation, and Russia will take all available measures to contain what threatens peace in Donbass.

British Foreign Secretary: The foreign ministers of the Group of Seven agreed to a severe and coordinated package of sanctions against Russia.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: We asked the European Union for a commitment to join it in the future.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister: Moscow will protect the territorial integrity of the two separatist regions of Ukraine and will repel aggression against them.

The White House: Biden delivers a speech today on the developments of the Ukrainian-Russian crisis.

Chairman of the Russian Federation Council: Putin asked for permission to use troops outside the country.

The Russian Defense Ministry asks the Federation Council to approve the deployment of troops in Donbass.

SENIOR WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: What is happening in Ukraine is an invasion and we will impose sanctions later today.

Polish presidency: an extraordinary summit in Warsaw on Friday for the leaders of the nine member states of NATO in Eastern Europe.

The Pentagon: 12 Apache attack helicopters to move from Greece to Poland.

11 minutes ago

The Pentagon: 20 Apache attack helicopters will move from Germany to the Baltic region.

The Pentagon: 8 F-35 fighters will move from Germany to different regions in the eastern wing of NATO.

The Pentagon: 800 American soldiers will head from Italy to the Baltic region.

37 minutes ago

Biden during his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: We are committed to providing the necessary economic and security support to Kiev.

59 minutes ago

Biden: The United States and its allies are open to diplomacy, and Russia will be judged on its actions.

one hour ago

BIDEN: I announced additional movements of US forces and equipment in Europe to strengthen the capacity of our allies in the Baltics.

Biden: Russia will pay a heavier price if it continues its aggression, and we will defend every inch of NATO territory.

BIDEN: I will take drastic measures so that sanctions target the Russian economy in a way that does not harm the stability of global energy markets.

BIDEN: We have no intention of fighting Russia, but we want to send a message to Moscow that we will not abandon our allies and will support them.

Biden: I announce the imposition of economic and financial sanctions on the Russian government, and we will target their families.

Biden: We will start implementing 4 packages of sanctions against Russian institutions.

BIDEN: Announcing the first package of sanctions to be imposed on Russia.

Biden: The last Russian step is the beginning of an invasion of Ukrainian territory, and we will begin to impose stronger sanctions than the ones we imposed in 2014.

two hours ago

RIA news agency, on the authority of the Russian Deputy Defense Minister: the arrival of 100,000 people from Donbass to Russia.

Schulz: We are going to impose additional sanctions on Russia if it undertakes a complete military invasion of Ukraine.

Reuters: The Biden administration has prepared export restrictions against Russian companies linked to the military sector to deprive them of global technologies.

Ukrainian Army: One soldier was killed and others wounded on the Donbass front today.

US Secretary of Defense: We are trying to avoid an expansion of the conflict in the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Ukrainian army: Separatist attacks cut off water supplies for 3,000 people and evacuated families from the town of Vrobivka.

TASS on the Kremlin: Russia will respond to new EU sanctions when their content becomes clear.

Ukrainian army: 72 breaches of the ceasefire were recorded by separatists today

3 hours ago

US Defense Secretary: We will continue to work with Ukraine in cooperation with our allies in an effort to avoid escalation

Ukraine's Foreign Minister: If Putin imposes war on us, we will defend ourselves.

Ukraine's Foreign Minister: We do not seek war and we want to find a diplomatic solution.

Austin: NATO has never been more united and resolute in its strong support for Ukraine's right to defend itself.

Dujarric: The UN Secretary-General supports dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the Ukraine-Russia crisis

US Defense Secretary: Putin can still avoid the tragic option of war

European Commission President: The crisis shows Europe's excessive dependence on Russian gas, and suppliers must be diversified

European Commission President: The German government's decision on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is correct

European Commission President: We will make it very difficult for the Kremlin to continue its aggressive policies

European Commission President: If Russia continues to escalate, we are ready to take further measures

Reuters: A military convoy of more than 100 vehicles in the Russian Belgorod region was seen heading towards the Ukrainian border

The French Foreign Minister announces the cancellation of his meeting scheduled for Friday with his Russian counterpart

The Russian Foreign Ministry: The leadership has taken a decision to evacuate the employees of the Russian diplomatic missions in Ukraine in order to preserve their security

Reuters: Ukrainian Foreign Minister arrives at the Pentagon to meet with US Defense Secretary

US Defense Secretary: Ukraine did not pose a threat to anyone, and there is no reason for Russia to invade it again

French Foreign Minister: There are additional sanctions on Russia that we will work to implement if the need arises, and my scheduled meeting with Lavrov will take place on time, unless there is a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Josep Borrell: We have received a request from Ukraine for its support to counter Russian cyber attacks and we will send a team to support Kiev.

Commissioner for Foreign Policy: Russian forces are now on Ukrainian territory, and this is a cancellation of the Minsk Agreement.

US Defense Secretary: Russia has no reason to invade Ukraine again because it poses no threat to anyone.

Josep Borrell: The members of the European Union unanimously agreed on a package of sanctions against Russia that will harm it greatly, and it includes 27 entities and people who have contributed to undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as banks that finance Russian decision-makers and any activity in the separatist regions.

4 hours ago

British Prime Minister: Johnson and Macron agreed to continue targeting Russian individuals and entities that fund "Putin's aggressive approach."

The Wall Street Journal on US officials: Biden will announce sanctions against Russia that will allow a window for diplomacy to remain.

Speaker of the Russian Federation Council: Allowing the sending of Russian troops to Donbas aims to bring peace and stop the bloodshed.

Putin: The possible movements of the Russian army in Donbass will depend on the situation on the ground.

Putin: Ukraine's talk about nuclear ambitions targets Russia, and we got the message.

Putin: The best decision Ukraine can make is to abandon its ambitions to join NATO.

Putin in response to a question about the use of Russian forces in Donbass: We will carry out our duties if necessary.

Putin: We signed agreements with Donetsk and Luhansk to send Russian forces and provide them with military support.

Prime Minister of Estonia: We discussed sanctions against Russia in the European Union and the first package of them will be drawn up as soon as possible.

5 hours ago

Foreign Policy: Washington has so far received support from Singapore, Japan and Taiwan to impose restrictions on Russia's exports.

Foreign Policy: The Biden administration is discussing with economic powers in Asia support for imposing sanctions on Russia and controlling its exports.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: I submitted a request to President Zelensky to sever diplomatic relations with Russia.

Ukrainian Presidency: Zelensky will hold a summit in Kiev with the Polish and Lithuanian presidents to discuss developments in the situation.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister: What Russia wants is to respond to provocations and to spread panic, and we will not allow that to happen.

Lavrov: Ukraine destroyed the Minsk agreement immediately after its signing, and Russia is used to European sanctions.

Lavrov: The Europeans, the Americans and the British will not stop until they have exhausted their plans for the so-called punishment of Russia.

6 hours ago

German Economy Minister: We will respond with coordinated economic sanctions and strongly condemn Russia's violation of international law.

The Kremlin: We regret the suspension of certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, and we hope that this is temporary.

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Germany is holding a meeting of the G7 foreign ministers on the Ukraine crisis today.

Russian Foreign Ministry: The meeting between Lavrov and Blinken is still programmed, and we have not heard about plans to cancel it from Washington.

The New York Times: A massive attack in Ukraine could lead to an influx of between one and five million refugees, according to US estimates.

The New York Times: US forces in Poland are preparing for a possible evacuation from Ukraine in the event of a massive Russian invasion.

Separatists in Donetsk: Ukrainian forces violated ceasefire 23 times in 24 hours.

Deputy National Security Adviser: If Russia continues to escalate, we will increase our security support for Ukraine, and we will not be the party that closes the door to diplomacy.

US Deputy National Security Adviser: In the coming hours, we will impose sanctions that will have repercussions on Russia, and if Moscow takes new escalatory steps, it will face additional harsh sanctions.

Bachelet: We call for a cessation of hostilities and pave the way for dialogue instead of moving towards more violence.

Verkhovna Rada: The international community should impose additional sanctions on Russia due to its recent decisions.

Russian Foreign Ministry: Determining the borders of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics is a future issue that will be resolved later.

Separatists in Lugansk: a soldier was killed in a Ukrainian shelling near the town of Jelubok, west of Lugansk.

Bloomberg: The European Union is considering sanctions against the 351 Russian parliamentarians who voted to recognize Donetsk and Lugansk.

French Prime Minister: Russia is violating international law and the Minsk Agreement that it signed.

British Prime Minister's Office: We will begin with our allies to punish Russian individuals and entities that are strategic in relation to the Kremlin.

7 hours ago

French Prime Minister: Paris will raise the banner of dialogue and wave sanctions at the same time.

British Foreign Secretary: We commend Germany's decision to suspend Nordstream 2, and Europe must reduce its dependence on Russian gas

US Deputy National Security Adviser: Any new Russian measures will be met with sanctions, and we are open to diplomatic solutions.

British Foreign Office: summoning the Russian ambassador to confirm that Moscow's actions violate international law.

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma: Any sanctions from the West will be met with a Russian response.

Borrell: The European Union will respond urgently to Russian violations with additional measures, including economic aspects.

British Defense Minister: We will conduct preventive military exercises to demonstrate freedom of movement in the Baltic Sea.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights: I am deeply concerned about any military escalation in Ukraine that will lead to serious human rights violations.

Canadian Foreign Minister: We call on Canadian citizens to leave Ukraine immediately and advise to avoid travel to Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities accuse separatists of bombing a stone-fuel power plant in the Lugansk region.

Deputy National Security Adviser: An American announcement today includes sanctions in response to what Russia has done.

8 hours ago

AFP: NATO announces an urgent meeting with the representative of Ukraine on Tuesday.

Lavrov: The West is trying in every way to throw Russia off balance and is working to escalate the confrontation, and there can be no dialogue with the West if it is directed at insulting Russia and holding it responsible for everything that is happening.

Al-Jazeera correspondent: Heavy artillery is resounding in the eastern and northern neighborhoods of Donetsk.

Interfax: Violent explosions erupted in the center of Donetsk.

Johnson: Russia's move in Ukraine is a pretext for a full-scale invasion, and we will not allow Putin to drag us into a state of aggression and his adventure in Ukraine must fail.

Johnson: We will impose sanctions on Russian banks on our territory, we will freeze the assets of 3 individuals and prevent dealing with them.

Source: Al Jazeera + agencies