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Queen Elizabeth refuses to acknowledge old age - God saves the queen

God saves the queendoctors advise her to rest.. Queen Elizabeth refuses to recognize old age and her son plans to decide the future of the monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth refuses to acknowledge old age - God saves the queen

LONDON - Many Britons focused on the "King Edward VII" hospital in the British capital, after a very important guest came to it, and it comes to Queen Elizabeth II, who was forced to spend a night in the hospital, after doctors advised that medical examinations should be conducted. Normal.

The Queen's health situation made headlines in the British media, after Buckingham Palace announced the cancellation of a scheduled visit of the Queen to Northern Ireland, based on the advice of doctors, and the statement confirmed that the Queen's situation was not a cause for the virus.

Britons are not used to commenting on their queen's health, and despite her advanced age (95), she has gone out of her way to be a vivacious and strong character in all her government duties during her seventy years in office lady.

The age factor has sparked widespread debate in the kingdom about the fate of the crown prince and the shape of the country if Prince Charles' role comes, and Charles has begun to reveal some information about his plans to change the shape of the monarchy.

Queen elizabeth in the hospital

Surprisingly, the palace statement proclaimed that the doctors had suggested the Queen to rest, when a busy schedule, that culminated in receiving the world's loaded and business leaders UN agency were guests of her at Windsor Palace on the sidelines of their participation within the World Investment Summit.

The Queen is "disappointed" at canceling a planned visit to Northern Ireland as her busy schedule appears to be taking a toll on her health, the palace has revealed.

Then, after a night in London's "King Edward VII" hospital dedicated to the royal family, the palace returned to announce the Queen's "invigorated" return to the palace where her late husband Prince Philip spent his final hours.

The Queen will take a doctor's advice and take a few days off after some routine tests, and many sources close to the Queen who have spoken to the British media have ruled out a virus connection. 

Do not recognize old age

The Corona epidemic and the general closure forced the Queen to remain in a state of complete and strict isolation at her palace in Windsor, and this isolation was cemented by the death of her husband, Prince Philip.

As soon as the country was reopened, the Queen appeared as if she wanted to make up for what she had missed. In the month of October she did many activities more than 15.

The Queen refuses to acknowledge her old age and shows that she is still able to perform her duty as a queen.

In a funny but meaningful incident, the Queen gently - but sternly - declined the "Oldie of the Year" award, which is presented to elderly personalities with global influence.

In a letter from the Queen's private writing to the award holders, Elizabeth II confirmed that "a person becomes old to the extent that he feels old, and the Queen does not believe that these standards apply to her, and therefore does not accept this award, and hopes that you will find someone who deserves it."

Although her late husband had previously hosted her when she was 90, the Queen refused to take her in, and she was about to celebrate her diamond jubilee as the longest-reigning Queen in British history.

Eye on the Crown prince charles

No one in the kingdom disputes that Queen Elizabeth is successful in playing her roles to the fullest despite her advanced age, but age has its rules and years, and that is why eyes are increasingly turning to Crown Prince Charles.

According to media reports, following the death of Prince Philip, the prince held a very secret and important summit with the Queen and some senior members of the royal family to decide the fate of the next two generations of the monarchy.

Perhaps the most important thing that leaked from this summit was Prince Charles’ plans to reduce the form of ownership in the country, as he plans to reduce the activities of the royal family, reduce the number of employees whose duties are not precisely known, as well as narrow the circle of members of the royal family that will be entrusted with public tasks.

Among the projects of Prince Charles, when he takes the throne, is to keep a small apartment on the top floor of Buckingham Palace, and to open the entire palace to the public, instead of the current system, where parts of it are opened to the public and on limited days only.

Scotland's famous Balmoral Castle will be converted from a royal residence into a museum of Queen Elizabeth's collections.

Need for renewal

Prince Charles knows that times change and young people's perception of the monarchy changes as well, so he will build a "more agile" monarchy so that it doesn't become burdened with too many protocols, not too much activity.

source :aljazeera