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slack app - is back again (slack sign in,slack invite,slack video call)

Slack app, explain Slack and learn about its most important features.

Slack is simply a conversational application, but as we know, conversational applications focus on a specific idea in order to specialize and improve it, so Slack is an application dedicated to making communication between work teams more efficient and flexible, by providing a lot of features that are not available in similar applications.

For example, you'll be able to produce channels. every channel could be a area dedicated to discussing a selected topic, and therefore you'll be able to distribute tasks and discuss them on an individual basis, and you'll be able to absolutely management the accessibility of those channels by creating them non-public and welcoming specific folks.

Also, one of the distinctive features is the ability to search within conversations in order to reach the specific part that interests you, and this is not available in most similar applications and services.

slack app - is back again (slack sign in,slack invite,slack video call)

slack sign in

Slack sign in, After entering the main page of the site, you will find on the right of the screen the Create Workspace icon, which enables you to create a workspace, and from here you can register a new account.

In this step, enter the email you want to use to manage your account, then click Next

Of course, at this stage, you will be asked to enter the confirmation number, you will find this number has been sent to you in your email that you used in the registration process, copy the 6-digit number and paste it in the indicated field.

Now you will be redirected to another page and you will be asked to enter your full name and Display name and here type what you want, then click Continue and enter the password you will need to log in each time you need to.

At this stage, enter your information and the work team, enter the information that suits you, then enter the name of the Group name and continue.

slack invite

slack invite, of course, after creating the workspace, you will need to invite members of the team that you will work with. To do this, you can simply click on Invite People on the left of the screen, then type the email address of the team members. On the same page, you can send more than one invitation, and do not forget Click on Send invitations.

Of course, the recipient will receive an e-mail and can just click on Join Now to join.

slack video call

video call with slack, some may not find the icon that enables to make a call because it simply does not exist as in the rest of the similar applications, this does not mean that you cannot make calls, but you can do so by typing the following command during the conversation /call.