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Convert Bitcoin to PayPal and all currencies in less than 30 minutes

Transferring Bitcoin to PayPal has become one of the methods used by many people who work on the Internet, especially those who make money from websites, micro services, and other legitimate ways to make money. Of course, there are a lot of people who have really big dollars in their bitcoin account and want to mine them in a bank, but you find that a lot of banks, don't get bitcoin, and some countries are criminalizing their use, and that's why you should To understand that we are obligated to send it to an electronic bank such as Paypal ... and a small or large amount is deducted for each shipment. That is why if you are serious about transferring money legally, you should read the lesson and learn how to apply the process with image and sound on the profit from the Internet site.

Convert Bitcoin to PayPal and all currencies in less than 30 minutes - send crypto to paypal

Convert Bitcoin to PayPal and all currencies in less than 30 minutes

Today in the explanations section, we will all learn how to convert bitcoins to dollars, and dollars to bitcoins, and from Bayer to PayPal and many services for electronic money transfer, and such services that have become available on the Internet help you deal with many profitable sites Which offers profits in many currencies, for example, I work on a site for profit from the Internet, but the payments are sent in the Bitcoin bag, for example, an easy way to benefit from the profits of Bitcoin is to convert them to US dollars through the electronic money transfer service.

Exchange Bitcoin to PayPal on marchanger site is one of the best service that helps people to transfer dollars online, making it easier for them to work on several profit sites from the Internet without any problem, for example, if you are working on a site to earn money by performing services And tasks or sell accounts such as coinpayu or mellowads ad site, you will find that these sites pay money in your paid bank account or your bitcoin account, and often you do not have the opportunity to extract payer and bitcoin money in your bank account and even the country does not support these services in banks such as Morocco For example. For this, you will find one solution, which is to transfer money from an electronic bank to an electronic bank in one go, of course, with a deduction from you as a transfer service.

So if you find an honest site that pays for any electronic bank account that is not supported by your country or that you do not have any purpose with, now after reading the topic you can use the Electronic money transfer service to work on any site without asking for the type of banks that the site supports to pay you profits.

How to convert from bitcoin to dollar and many currencies

In order to transfer money from paypal to payeer and from payer to bitcoin and from bitcoin to Webmoney and many other services, it has become available in the world of the Internet, and there are many sites that provide the same service over the Internet in order to help people receive money in different countries and in the currency that they You want and the platform you are working on, but there is a condition, first you must subscribe to the site and have a balance of money in the type of dollar or satoshi in your bank account and also have another account such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa Card or MoneyGram and many banks that Exceeding 20 electronic banks. Of course, these banks we will share with you now before we start the explanation to know what service you can transfer money to from the marchanger website.

Payeer - Paypal - Perfect Money - AdvCash - USD Coin USDC - Dogecoin - Dash - Ethereum ERC20 - Litecoin - Bitcoin Cash - Webmoney - WMZ Bitcoin - Entro Money - USDT TRC20 - USDT ERC20 (eth) - Uphold - Zcash - Ripple (XRP) - Airtm - Capitalist - Cardano ADA - CASHU - EOS - Mixmoney - Paxful BTC - Paysil - Stellar (XLM) - Tron TRX - USD PAX

As you can see, there are more than 20 money transfer services over the Internet, but each service has its own deductions according to the method of transfer, but what I notice is that the site has few deductions compared to other sites that we explained to you, and the site, if God forbid, was sent Wrong amount, you can re-contact with them to solve the problem, and this actually happened, and the problem was as follows:

I sent 50 dollars from the bitcoin bag to paypal, but what I did is that I only sent 25 dollars from the marchanger site, when I contacted them because I was the cause of this error, the problem was solved and I sent them the evidence with the picture and the rest was sent to paypal, this Just a clarification about credibility.

Note: This site that we will share with you in order to transfer money is not only about transferring Satoshi Bitcoin, but you can transfer money transfer from paypal to payeer and also from bitcoin to paypal and paypal to visa and many services.

  1. You must log in and sign up for
  2. Go to the Exchange section and then choose the currency in which the money is located, and we assume the Bitcoin SEND currency, then choose the bank to which I want to send the Bitcoin money and say, for example, Paypal RECEIVE.
  3. After choosing where I will send the money and who will receive it, I will click on Exchange.
  4. Then you put the amount that you want to send from the bitcoin currency to PayPal, the amount must be present and correct and you wait until the green line ends.
  5. In the next stage, you will write your full name and email, but the phone number is optional, then you will write a Paypal email in order to send you money, not just Paypal, but any currency you want to transfer a certain amount to and then the next step.
  6. The penultimate stage, I will copy the link of the Bitcoin account, which will be an intermediary between you and your PayPal account.
  7. You will send the money from your bitcoin wallet to the account number you copied from the marchanger website
  8. After you sent him, of course, in your bitcoin bag, you will be presented with the account number with which you sent 50 dollars, then you will copy the account number that was presented to you and put it at the bottom Your Payment details, immediately after that you click on confirm.

In less than 30 minutes, the money will be sent to you.
In this way, the process of sending money ends, and of course it varies from platform to platform, but the process is almost the same.

how to earn from marchanger

The marchanger site offers the opportunity to profit through referral, meaning that you can earn for each person who participates in the site a certain percentage of the profits that can be transferred to any bank account, and this process helps the site to advertise it in the virtual world.

The process of profit from the referral is entered into my account, then you will find My Referrals, then copy the referral link: Your referral link: and share it with friends.